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Repaint Your Home like a Pro with These Facts and Tips

As a homeowner, you usually have a love-hate relationship with maintenance. It’s a curse because who likes doing chores? But, maintenance is a blessing because it saves you a lot of time and money when done right. Painting is some of the most important maintenance you can do, so if you’ve searched for answers about how often you should repaint before and come up confused, we’ve got some pretty neat facts and tips for you.

Let’s work our way from the outside in.

Repainting Your Exteriors

Paint your home exterior? There’s a lot to think about before you make this critical decision. It will take time and money, and it’s essential to make sure you get it right. Repainting your exterior is your first line of defense from the rain, snow, sun, and a necessary part of curb appeal. 

Knowing how often to do it, when the right time is, which color is best, and what type of paint to use can make all the difference between a beautiful home and one that looks like it’s been beaten down by the elements.

What are the best tips for how often you should repaint your exterior? A good rule of thumb is every five to 10 years, depending on the quality of the paint and how it was applied. 

There are different guidelines for different materials, however, like so:

  • Wood should be repainted every three to seven years.
  • Aluminum siding should be repainted every five years.
  • Stucco should be repainted every five to six years.

A much easier way to discern is this: it’s time to repaint when you notice wear and tear or faded colors on your home exteriors.

Repainting Your Interiors

When it comes to your interiors, repainting doesn’t just make your living spaces look brand-new; it also contributes to a longer life. 

Inside your home, some factors contribute to the need for upkeep: humidity, lighting, and fluctuations in temperature. Certain rooms will need to be repainted more often than others due to traffic, pets, or children. On average, most interior paint jobs last between five and seven years. 

If you have no children or pets (or your children or pets are older), it’s possible that you could bump that up to ten years. However, suppose it’s time for a redesign. In that case, if you have a room with extra wear and tear or a space that is subjected to environmental variations (light, temperature, or humidity), you may need to repaint more often.

These rooms typically receive less traffic and are usually not subject to environmental extremes (though light exposure and fading could be an issue), so we recommend repainting them every five to seven years:

  • Living rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Adult and guest bedrooms

On the other hand, these areas get the most wear and tear–baseboards, corners, and spaces around doors. Another place to look is in the kitchen or laundry room, especially where humidity is high. 

You should only repaint these areas every three to four years:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • Baseboards and trim

Conversely, these high-traffic areas inside your home must be repainted the most often–every two to three years:

  • Hallways
  • Children’s bedrooms

The area that lasts the longest before the next repaint job is your ceiling–ten years. That is, unless someone in your family smokes indoors, which causes faster discoloration. You’ll have to reapply paint more often to hide the marks.

Make Your Home Look Brand-New One Paint Stroke at a Time

Once you have a rundown of how and when to repaint your home, you can feel confident that you are making the right choice. We hope these facts and tips help you greatly in the matter. Remember: a new coat of paint goes a long way to sprucing up your home and breathing new life into it.

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