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Why You Should Never Paint without a House Painter

In this day and age of having online access to everything, such as DIY guides, you may feel like you can handle any project you see on TikTok’s For You Page or YouTube’s central dashboard. A complete interior repaint of your home comes to mind.

But hold your horses, there! While we do not doubt your talent for working on a few wall accents and a new door paint coat for your home’s interior, you may want to choose a local professional house painter instead. Here are the dangers of DIY painting:

It Takes Forever

Paint takes time. Although someone can do an interior paint job with patience and a strong tolerance for tedium, it’s not for those who yearn to rush through tedious chores to get the job done. A good paint job requires careful attention to detail and enough commitment to complete the job correctly.

Laying a coat or two of paint takes about a day or two, but it will take up to a week to make sure the paint is dry. It can take even longer if cheaper colors are used or if the area is too large to get all the paint on in one pass.

However, running out and hiring someone else to dry the paint won’t make it dry faster; it is simply essential to plan out your project beforehand carefully. This will significantly speed up any upgrades and repairs and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Just get a professional house painter instead.

It Costs More

While average supplies, such as putty knives and paint rollers, are not the most expensive things in the world, they can get even costlier if mistakes occur, like when painters drop their supplies or even stop to take a break. These purchases and the intermittent cost of hiring professional house painters will rack up a higher bill compared to hiring an expert from the beginning.

It Can Be Inefficient and Ineffective

There’s nothing worse in a contracting project than a shoddy paint job. Ideally, an experienced painter shouldn’t need to use more than one coat of paint to cover a surface. Still, multiple coats are necessary to ensure that the colors are uniform and evenly distributed in some cases.

Here are a few common mistakes and telltale signs we see in a DIY home-painting project gone wrong:

  • A dirty or wet wall is usually a bad idea, as the paint will not adhere well to its surface.
  • Similarly, if a wall isn’t properly prepared before it’s painted, the color won’t adhere well. As a result, the areas where the paint has not adhered may bubble up. Similar problems have led to many home-painting disaster stories.
  • Air bubbles develop at room temperature, so painting at low temperatures will slow down the drying process and increase the likelihood of bubbles.

Painting any part of a house is an investment of your time, effort, and money. Don’t waste it by being a Lone Ranger. Get an expert house painter and let the pro do it for you.


We hope this article convinces you it’s never a good idea to rush your home-painting project! Hiring a professional painter ensures you get the result you want without these common problems. The areas painted will look classy and expertly made, plus you didn’t have to spend more by getting a house painter from the very beginning!

Here at Alan’s House Painting, we take these jobs seriously by sending you a proficient house painter in Davis, California, and other towns within a 25-mile radius. We serve residential and commercial clients with attentive personal service and beautiful, lasting finishes in every project. Check out our online samples now!

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