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Important Facts to Know Before Buying Ceiling Paint

Ceiling paint, like bathroom paint, is a rare niche paint product that declares its goals directly on the label. The majority of other paints are not location-specific. You won’t find a product labeled as living room paint or home office paint. Interior acrylic-latex paint has few limitations; it can go anywhere long as specific fundamental requirements are satisfied.

Is this again another instance of a company renaming known products? Is ceiling paint a genuine item that you can buy?

The Increased Viscosity of Ceiling Paint Slows Dripping and Splattering

If you want a flat, white ceiling, you can use regular flat sheen white interior latex paint that is not designated as a ceiling paint. However, utilizing ceiling paint will make the procedure go more smoothly, resulting in a better-looking ceiling and result in fewer drips and splatter.

The viscosity and thickness of standard latex paint are both low. When you use it to paint the ceiling, you get not just enormous paint drops but also something much more challenging to clean up: an ultra-fine paint mist capable of moving by gusts of air past your drop cloth. Higher viscosity paint with more particles allows you to paint over your head with fewer drips and less paint mist. Drips not only produce a mess below, but they also leave ugly spots on the ceiling that are difficult to repair after drying.

Contrast two kinds of ceiling paint with one kind of wall paint. In terms of viscosity, total weight per gallon, and solids by weight, ceiling and wall paints outperform wall paints. Compared to other substances using a viscometer, ceiling paint has nearly the same viscosity as thinned-out honey.

Ceiling Paint Hides Stains Better Than Latex

Ceiling paint is formulated with a higher percentage of pigments and extender(s) than ordinary latex paint. The extra pigments help hide stains or flaws in the ceiling, such as cracks, blotches, or discolorations. The pigments in ceiling paint may be heavier in color than these flaws, but they will still help hide them.

Ceiling Paint Costs

One gallon of ceiling paint costs between $20 and $60 on average. One gallon will cover up to 400 square feet of space, which is equivalent to one 20-by-20-foot room. You will also need paint brushes, rollers, roller covers, painter’s tape, and a drop cloth if you intend to DIY paint your ceilings. If you don’t already have the proper tools, this raises the cost of ceiling paint.

The national average cost to paint the ceiling in a 10-by-12-foot room is $250 if you employ a professional painter. The cost may vary depending on the height of the ceiling, the texture of the ceiling, the color of the ceiling paint, and other factors.

What to Consider When Getting Ceiling Paint

Consider the type of ceiling when deciding how much paint to buy. Popcorn ceilings, in particular, will need a larger amount of paint to ensure that the whole surface area is evenly coated. When purchasing additional painting materials, you should also examine the type of ceiling. Popcorn ceilings, for example, should be coated with a roller cover with a deep nap.

Although ceiling paints have a higher viscosity than wall paints, not all ceiling paints are made equal. If you buy your ceiling paint from a home improvement or specialty paint store, inquire about the differences in the ceiling paint products to discover which is best for your work.

Ceilings are most commonly painted in white or off-white tones. Painters frequently recommend tinting your ceiling paint with roughly one-third of the color used on the walls in the space if the walls are neutral. This unifies the room and might assist in emphasizing the height of the walls.


Ceiling paint is a highly specialized paint that can be used for either the ceiling or the walls. It is formulated to have a greater viscosity or thickness than ordinary interior paints, producing fewer drips and splatter, which makes it easier to apply. Some paints even incorporate special formulas designed to hide stains or flaws on the ceiling.

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