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Top Considerations for Choosing Interior Paint Colors

Choosing colors for interior house painting in Davis, California, can be stressful and overwhelming. There are so many colors to choose from on the web, and no matter how hard you try to avoid Pinterest or any other website or app that might recommend colors, you can’t be sure you’ll stay away. The colors you choose for a room not only affect how appealing that room is, but they can also impact the room’s value. 

That’s why the process of selecting colors should be a fun experience, not a stressful one. Follow these steps, and it may be just as painless as picking a color scheme you like online.

Choose a Paint Finish

There are several finish types for paint: high gloss, semi-gloss, matte, or satin. A common rule of thumb is the shinier the color is, the more durable it is. High gloss paint is also easier to clean, ideal for high-traffic areas.

Figure Out the Mood

You need to figure out what mood you want to convey since you’re painting the room. What do you plan to do with it? Is this going to be a playroom or a relaxation room? Should it be bright and lively or a calm get-away? Pick a color based on the mood you want for this space. If you want to relax, consider cool neutral colors like off-white or beige. If you’re trying to be more playful, consider bolder colors like yellow or orange.

Get Inspired

If you’re new or have no clue about interior house painting, get inspiration from magazines or social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Collect some ideas from those sources, then narrow down your options to items you are drawn to. Use those items as inspiration while you create your unique work.

Observe the Present Colors

Think about the colors that are already in each room. What color is the furniture, carpet, cabinets, drapes, etc.? Make sure that the colors complement each other or don’t clash. You can even pick colors already present in each room as a starting point.

Pay Attention to These Interior Spaces

Paint looks different in various lighting conditions. It may appear quite different in a store than in your home’s light once you put it on the walls, especially if that home has unique lighting. To test paint color, consider purchasing small sample jars or a paint-sample color wheel and placing it on the wall for a day or two.

The surroundings can significantly impact how light or dark a color appears. For example, the paint seems brighter on smooth surfaces and dimmer on rough surfaces. Think about this before choosing paint colors for your room.

Pick Your Favorites

Do not feel obligated to use color combinations you haven’t used before unless you have a particular need to try something new and different. Starting with palettes you like will allow you to get started quickly while still giving you as much variety as needed. Interior house painting is all about making the space your own.

Test Them Out with Paint Color Apps

Certain paint apps can suggest colors and color palettes based on the pictures of the things you already have in your house and help you get more color scheme ideas once you’ve narrowed them down to a few shades you like.

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The best interior paint color doesn’t exist because it depends on the users’ taste. Just remember to approach the entire process with an open mind and a commitment to exploring your creative side as you search for the right color that could be perfect for you.

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